NCSY GIVE WEST: Day 23 & 24 Recap

The last two days on NCSY GIVE WEST have been packed, amazing, and inspiring. Friday kicked off with our final chesed at Camp Seed. We san songs and had a chagigah before lunch. After a pizza, we stopped at 7-Eleven for Slurpees! We went on this amazing boat ride called the Willamette Jets. We came off SOAKED but had a blast riding all around Portland. We then came back and had a nice long time to get ready for our final Shabbos together. Shabbos this week on GIVE WEST focused on Bein Adam L’Atzmo. Friday night was super leibadik, filled with zemirot, Divrei Torah, an “Identity” Session, and a rocking Tisch! Shabbos morning was filled with davening, a delicious kiddush, “Perceptions” Session, and some free time. After lunch, we played GIVE WEST Headbanz, followed by a “Who Am I” session. The afternoon was filled with lots of free time, open Beit Midrash learning, Shaloshudes, “Choose Your Own Adventure” Session and Ebbing. Learning about ourselves and how to build a relationship with yourself was important and interesting. Our closing Havdalah was inspiring. We went up to pack and enjoyed a delicious melava malka before saying our goodbyes, and finally departing to the airport. NCSY GIVE WEST — we miss you already. Keep in touch…thank you for the BEST. SUMMER. EVER.