BLOG -Summer 2017

NCSY GIVE WEST: Day 22 Recap

Today was an amazing day on GIVE WEST! We woke up super early this morning to daven, eat breakfast, and head onto the buses to make it in time for our rafting trip! we traveled North to Maupin, Oregon, where we went white water rafting

NCSY GIVE WEST: Advisor Gramin 2017

[Written and sung by our 5 amazing advisors at tonight’s Talent Show: Hannah Atkin, Miriam Boim, Ayelet Izhak, Devorah Meisels, and Amira Pechet] NCSY GIVE WEST 2017 (Please insert the necessary “na na’s” in between each line when you read!!!) GIVE WEST has been the

NCSY GIVE WEST: Day 21 Recap

We packed up this morning, davened, ate breakfast, and loaded the bus for our long drive to Portland, Oregon! Paul, our amazing bus driver, drove for 10 HOURS, and safely got us to the JCC in Portland, just within his allotted time. We stopped every

NCSY GIVE WEST: Day 20 (San Fran) Recap

[Written by Gila Linzer, Bergenfield, NJ] This morning on NCSY GIVE WEST we davened and ate a delicious breakfast at the hotel. Then we headed on the bus to our first stop in San Francisco, the Jelly Belly Factory. At the factory, we got to

NCSY GIVE WEST: Day 19 Recap

[Written by Tamar Pasternak, East Brunswick, NJ] This morning on GIVE WEST, I boarded the bus and watched a movie as we traveled to Yosemite. We got to Yosemite and we saw the beautiful waterfall in the distance! We took a group picture with the


[Written by Ariella Abenhaim, Montreal, Canada] This morning we said goodbye to our very gracious Shabbat hosts and made our way to NCSY headquarters. We went on the bus to Griffith Park where we hiked to the Hollywood sign and the views were spectacular. It

NCSY GIVE WEST: Day 17 (Shabbos) Recap

[Written by Atara Black, Toronto, Canada] This Shabbos we enjoyed being in the Pico community of LA. We stayed in different people’s homes with our friends from GIVE WEST. I stayed with Emma Freiden at the Escovitz home. We ate Friday Night dinner with their

NCSY GIVE WEST: Day 16 (WB Tours)

[Written by Yona Leibowitz, Toronto, Canada] Today we woke up super early at 6:15am so we could bring all of our luggage to the bus since it was our last day at AJU. We then had breakfast and drove to Warner Brothers Studios!!! It was

NCSY GIVE WEST: Day 15 (Color War) Recap

[Written by Daniella Mintz, Monsey, NY] Last night we stayed up late preparing for an exciting day of Color War! We were divided into 3 teams — Red (Torah), White (Avodah), and Blue (Chesed). I was on the White Team. Today we had late wake-up,