NCSY GIVE WEST: Day 16 (WB Tours)

[Written by Yona Leibowitz, Toronto, Canada]
Today we woke up super early at 6:15am so we could bring all of our luggage to the bus since it was our last day at AJU. We then had breakfast and drove to Warner Brothers Studios!!! It was an awesome experience. I loved seeing all the different sets and locations of shows and movies. I especially loved seeing the set and stage for the Ellen Show! We got to sit in the seats and take pictures by the stage. There were a lot of TV sets there like Friends, The Big Bang Theory, Gilmore Girls, and Pretty Little Liars. We even got to act out a scene in Friends. It was so cool to see how so many of the same locations were used in a bunch of different shows/movies. It was especially cool to see how they made a winter scene in the middle of the summer. I loved seeing all the props and costumes that were used in the shows. Another thing that was cool was that a lot of the buildings were double sided and served as two houses/buildings in one. In Pretty Little Liars the school and the City Hall were one building as a set. It was so awesome to see in person how they make all these TV shows and all the sets that they use! After the tour, we went to the LA Tar Pits. We ate lunch there and had chabburas with our advisors. We then had some free time to walk around. We also were able to buy shabbat -o- grams for our friends! It was a fun filled day and I can’t wait for an awesome Shabbos in Pico!