[Written by Ariella Abenhaim, Montreal, Canada]
This morning we said goodbye to our very gracious Shabbat hosts and made our way to NCSY headquarters. We went on the bus to Griffith Park where we hiked to the Hollywood sign and the views were spectacular. It reminded me of how Hashem has really given us a beautiful world to live in and that we must continue to try to make
Him proud by doing good things – a goal that has been a focus of this NCSY summer trip. Once we finished the hike, we ate some delicious pizza at Pizza World. We then all hopped aboard the bus and made our way to Fresno. After one stop at Walmart, we continued our travels to the hotel in Fresno. We had a yummy dinner and learned with our advisors in Chabboura. But the day was not over as we had the opportunity to go night swimming which was so much fun after a long bus ride. Every day is another eye- opening experience and I feel very blessed to have met such incredible people on this journey. Can’t wait to go to Yosemite National Park tomorrow!