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About The Trip

NCSY GIVE WEST: Day 19 (Shabbos)

giveusa July 15, 2019

We definitely saved the best Shabbos for last! This past Shabbos we were all comfortable with each other and we were able to learn new things from each other. We had inspiring chaburot including ones where we learned about our identities, and how to continue being inspired when doing the mitzvot. In the afternoon, after our delicious lunch, we played a super fun game of GIVE WEST headbandz. One girl went out of the room and everyone else was told who or what she was. Then the girl came into the room and had to ask yes or no questions to find out who they were. Although this seems like a simple game, it taught us that we all need to find out we are as people. We then enjoyed a couple of hours of free time, followed by a delicious shaloshudes, and then a very powerful ebbing. This one was especially emotional because it was one of our last kumzitzes of GIVE West. We ended Shabbos with a fun and meaningful Havdalah.

Rebecca, Florida
Sarah, New York