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About The Trip

NCSY GIVE WEST: Day 20 (Portland!)

giveusa July 15, 2019

Today was a fun filled day on GIVE West! We started off the day with a chesed project at Meira Spivak’s house. Mrs. Spivak is the NCSY coordinator in Portland, Oregon and she runs a camp for public school kids in August called Camp Kesher. We help her prepare games, night activities and carnival activities for her camp, as well as cleaning out a shed to help give her more storage for her supplies. We then enjoyed a delicious salad bar for lunch and listened to an inspirational shiur from Mrs. Spivak about what it means to be a beautiful person and how we should spend as much time focusing on our inner beauty as we tend to focus on our outer beauty. We then went to the ADIDAS factory where we had time to browse and shop the discounted employee store! After that, we headed to the Willamette Jets Boatride Excursion. Campers enjoyed a super intense boat ride where they spun around in the water and got soaking wet. Afterward, we went to the famous Portland Rose Garden in Oregon and drove home for a delicious dinner. We were then surprised with a super fun night activity; Zumba lead by our very own adviser Zahava Isaacs. Campers danced around and enjoyed an active session. The day ended with a relaxing night swim. We can’t wait to see what the rest of camp has in store for us as we finish up our last week here on GIVE West.

Emily, Massachusetts