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About The Trip

NCSY GIVE WEST: Day 21 (Portland Day 2)

giveusa July 16, 2019

Today, on GIVE West, we started off with an early morning, davened and had Chabburah. After that, like always, we had an amazing breakfast, yogurt parfaits and packed our lunches. Then we got onto the bus and drove to our chesed for the day. We organized clothing for children in need. Followed by chesed, we had an amazing experience of white water rafting! It was so fun and enjoyable. People fell off while laughing and having a smile on their face. Even though the water was cold, we didn’t let that ruin our fun. After that, we went back to the hotel and had an amazing dinner made by Meria, the Portland NCSY director. To end off an amazing day we had the best night activity, a GIVE West talent show!!!! It was so awesome and everyone participated. Everyone got to show off their talents and it ended off with a spot show given by our very own advisors.

Rena, Tennessee