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About The Trip

NCSY GIVE WEST: Day 24 (Final Day!)

giveusa July 19, 2019

We started our day really early leaving at 3:30 to get to our flight, that is if you decided to sleep. Many of us decided to stay up and spend our last few moments together. As we parted ways at the airport tears were shed and so many hugs were exchanged. Some flights took off like they were supposed to. Most of us though were on flights that were delayed. The group flight was actually canceled, but luckily there was another flight for us! Of course, it took hours before we actually got our tickets and made it through security so most of us took power naps. After we got past security we found our gate that had already changed about four times since we got to the airport. As soon as we got to the gate we went looking for food because we were given $12 food vouchers WOOHOO!!! Baruch HaShem we were directly across from Starbucks! Food shopping only lasts so long so we sat for about six hours waiting for the plane. We played games and talked with friends while waiting for our flight. In the end, we got to spend even more time with friends!!! It was an 18-hour ordeal for the group flight actually, talk about bonding. With all the many delays before and after we all B’Ezrat Hashem made it home safely.
Hannah, NY
Abi, NY