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About The Trip

Ora Hochberg

I loved NCSY Give West!!!! I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to meet, connect, and learn with amazing advisors and friends from so many places. Every single day was packed with fun trips and inspiring chessed that filled my summer with fun, excitement, and inspiration that I hope to carry with me for many years to come.

Leora Cohn

“NCSY GIVE West was an eye-opening experience. It taught me never to judge a person for who they are and how just one small smile can change a person’s whole day. This was truly the BEST. SUMMER. EVER!”

Sophie Schanzer

“I had the best summer of my life on NCSY GIVE WEST. I made life-long friendships and had advisors who were inspirational and great role models. The chessed on this trip inspired me and changed my every-day life to motivate me to continue giving back to my community and my school.”